My experience at the Sailing World Cup Final!

I had a great experience working at the Sailing World Cup Final held between the 4th and 11th of December 2016 in St Kilda, Australia.

I was head clinician for two days of the competition where I treated athletes but also supervised 4th and 5th year Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) chiropractic students. 

I always find it very exciting working with elite athletes but the Sailing World Cup Final this year also gave me my first experience being a head supervising clinician for RMIT chiropractic students and this was an experience I greatly enjoyed. The students I worked with were very dedicated and keen to learn. These students did a great job helping athletes achieve their best and I am sure they will graduate to become great chiropractors!

There was a large number of athletes at this event as there was men's and woman's youth age group championships as well as open age championships. There was also a large array of different classes from Lasers to Kite Surfing.

Chiropractic was the sole health service officially offered at the Sailing World Cup Final of 2016 and, by all reports, the athletes were extremely happy with the treatment they received! 

Congratulations to all athletes and I hope to be involved with more Sailing World Cups in the future where I can, perhaps, meet up again with new friends made!